About Us

International Ambassadors at Georgia Tech (GTIA) is an organization dedicated to supporting Georgia Tech students, both international and domestic. Our tight-knit organization has roughly 60 members from over 20 nations and five continents, and together we work to celebrate our student body’s diversity and internationality by providing resources for international students and hosting multiple cultural festivities throughout the year. Our talented and hardworking members love to connect with students -- past, present, and future -- to make Georgia Tech a welcoming and diverse environment for everyone.

Connect with us on social media or through our email if you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our members about their experience at Georgia Tech as an international student.



We seek to aid incoming international students engage with the Georgia Tech community, to push for their early personal growth, and to preserve and increase the Institute’s diversity.

GTIA also advocates for the international student community by representing their voice, especially in times of need.


GTIA engages the general student body in events and activities that promote international culture and diversity, many of which are supported by the Office of International Education.


We want to create a culture that encourages our members to think of how they can support and advocate for Georgia Tech’s international community at large. We continuously promote honest, and sometimes difficult, discussions, with the aim of broadening the perspectives of our members and increasing member engagement.




External Affairs organizes cultural events to increase GTIA's on-campus presence and to increase the visibility of diversity on campus. These events mainly revolve around sharing aspects of international culture that are important to us and our members.


Internal oversees Ambassador membership, recruitment, general meetings, and communication. Internal will organize retreats, team dinners, and other social events to strengthen the GTIA Community.


Outreach manages campaigns to promote Georgia Tech on an international level and organizes efforts to reach out to prospective and admitted students from around the world.


Marketing produces all promotional materials and merchandising for GTIA. The committee also leverages its social media presence to spread intervultural awareness.


Finance is in charge of securing funds for GTIA, maintaining records of all revenue and expenditure, and working with other committees to fund their events.


The President and Executive Vice President work closely together, but have different statements of work. Our President represents the organization at conferences, conventions and at faculty or alumni meetings. S/he maintains relationships with our campus partners and other organization leaders. The Executive Vice President mainly manages the Executive Board, collects organization wide feedback, and acts as the officer in charge of Elections.